About Electricians and Different Categories of Electricians

About Electricians and Different Categories of Electricians

May 5, 2022 0 By admin

One of the things that you will know about the electricians is that they are skilled tradesmen working in the residential and construction industry and they specialize in designing, maintaining, installing, and repair of the power system besides that the need for such types of electricians is growing day by day in the US. By 2028, there will be an expected growth of electricians by 10{e2853bf255a62e9cefac239927cd1759c58ac98e144dd0c128c570f55e639306}. Another common thing that you will know about electricians is that they work in a wide range of professional areas like office building maintenance, residential and commercial, or industrial and residential construction.

Main Types of Electricians – 

There are 2 main types of electrician that mostly are available for all kinds of electrical work. They are – Linemen (outside) electricians. They can also be called a line electrical worker and they work outdoors doing the installation of electric utility transmission and distribution systems that are of higher voltages. This electrician ensures that the electricity produced in the power plants moves to substations and they are always equipped to handle high voltage lines across the commercial, residential and industrial facilities. The next type of electrician is the Wiremen electrician who works indoors. They mainly work with lower voltages which are found inside the structures and buildings. The wiremen will mainly install, repair and maintain electrical systems and they also give residential, commercial, and industrial buildings with reliable power supply.

Apprentice & Journeymen Electrician – 

In the residential systems, they do work on the solar panel installation, and there are also electricians by certification levels. Let’s look at them – One is the Apprentice Electrician – this is the first step in becoming an electrician and going through this program. It requires a high school diploma and you can apply in States. Most of the time, the apprentice would take 100 classroom hours before joining a commercial electrician group. After 3 to 6 years, one can apply for an apprenticeship under an electrician that is licensed.

The second one is Journeyman Electrician, after your apprenticeship program is completed, and you full fill all the needs, you can take the test and become a journeyman electrician, here you will get your license from the federal, state, or local licensing group. With the help of the certification, you will be able to work without supervision and you get credentials to train the new apprentices.

Master Electrician & Industrial – 

The third is Master Electrician, which is the highest level of an electrician certification and the requirements vary or differ from state to state. It requires as per the standard for most of the states that you work for 4,000 hours of electric work as a journeyman following a licensing exam that shows your knowledge about the National Electrical Code. In this work, the work is complex commercial and industrial working on projects and also have the experience to train the journeymen electrician. There is also an industrial electrician who has the task of doing the installation, troubleshooting, and repairing electrical equipment with power plants. It also includes the work of processing plants factories and mines.

Industrial electricians work with manufacturing systems and complex machinery industries – and some of the technicians focus on security and lighting system.