Everything You Need to Know About Basement Lighting Options

Everything You Need to Know About Basement Lighting Options

April 21, 2022 0 By Alex Jerde

Having a basement in your house has many perks. You can use this extra space for many purposes. Accessorizing your basement can also help you increase the value of your home. You can decorate your basement as you desire. Your basement can be your living space, a home office, an extra bedroom, a guest room, or many other things. Know that many people think that basements are cold and dark places. It is incorrect at so many levels. Your basement can be an illuminated and lively place. The atmosphere of any area will depend on how you décor it. That is why it is on you how you accessorize it.

Basements are usually dark and gloomily. That is why you need to make sure there is a significant light source. The most crucial thing in your basement is the placement of lighting fixtures. It is better to ensure that the lighting fixtures are appropriate to illuminate the basement. You also require some led panel lights for ceiling to brighten up your basement area. Placing lighting in the basement is different than other places. The way you install lighting bulbs in your basement will impact its appearance. Your basement area will appear dark and unwelcoming if you do not care about your lighting options.

Having no natural lighting can make it complicated for your basement to illuminate. The lighting will enhance the ambiance of your space. It is better to have expert advice before lighting up your basement area. You can read the below guide to illuminate your basement in the right way. Below are all you need to know to brighten up your dark basement.

How to select a lighting color?

The first thing you need to consider is the color of your lighting fixtures. Know that the color of your lighting options will help you create an appropriate atmosphere. There are three colors of light from which you can select. The first option is the warm light. The second one is the cool white, and the third is daylight. For your basement, the best lighting tone is none other than cool white light. Cool white is the light you require in a dark area. This light will help you create more brightness. The cool white light will make your basement appear a livelier one. Know that the bright white lighting option will give the illusion of daylight.

Use recessed lighting:

The one beneficial option you have for your basement is none other than recessed lighting. In basements, you already have the issue of heights. So, it is better to opt for these hollow lighting options. This lighting fixture will not take any length from your basement. This lighting option in your ceiling will give a clean look to your basement. You can also use recessed lighting to streamline your basement with recessed lighting.

Layered lights:

You have to opt for layered lighting to brighten up the area, in basement areas. Layered lighting means using multiple lighting options to create a well-lit atmosphere. Layered lighting is a mixture of three lighting options. One is ambient lighting. The second one is accent lighting, and the last one is task lighting. Try to achieve a balance with the help of these three lighting options.

Install sconce lighting:

Another option is to install scone lighting on your walls. Scone lighting is the perfect option you have to create layered lighting. You can mount the scone on the walls to illuminate the surroundings. Scones will not hang up from the ceiling. Know that these scones are unlike the other lighting option. That is why scones are best suitable for the basement and entry areas.

Decide on the brightness:

The one other thing you need to decide is the brightness of your lighting fixtures. You have to consider how much light can emit from a light bulb. The more lumens of a bulb will be equal to more brightness. You have to achieve more brightness by getting the light bulbs in more lumens. In addition to that, try to opt for led lighting fixtures because they are durable for you.