The Importance Of Color And Pattern While Choosing Mosque Carpet

The Importance Of Color And Pattern While Choosing Mosque Carpet

September 27, 2022 0 By admin

Being Muslims, Mosque carpet is the most precious place for all of us! It is where thousands of people go every day for worship. Therefore, its environment should be hygienic for everyone. And from where the hygiene starts? Of course, from the floor! Mosque carpets are the best ways to provide hygiene, comfort, warmth, and a sense of devotion to the believers. However, the pattern and the design of the mosque carpet should reflect peace and awe.

There are many factors to consider while choosing Mosque carpets, such as quality, material, color, and pattern, with the last two being the most considered factors. Always remember that the wrong pattern or color of the Mosque carpet can make the Mosque gloomy and dark.

Let’s move on to the ride we are trying to take you on to know what colors and patterns should be considered while choosing Mosque carpets. So, continue reading.

Color Selection in Mosque Carpet

While choosing the color of the Mosque carpet, the interior where it is to be placed should be examined in detail. Always choose the colors that are compatible with the paints and tiles of the Mosque. Also, the size of the Mosque plays an essential role in choosing the color of the Mosque’s carpet. You can consider dark-colored mosque carpets if the Mosque is spacious and receives enough daylight. On the contrary, if the Mosque is small and does not get much daylight, a light-colored mosque carpet should be preferred. It will evoke a spacious feeling and create a peaceful atmosphere.

Pattern Selection in Mosque Carpet

The Mosque’s architecture plays a crucial role in selecting the right pattern and color for the Mosque carpet. For example, a low patterned mosque carpet is preferred for a mosque where tile pattern is frequently used. If the color of the pattern in the mosque carpet blends into the color of the Mosque’s wall, it can provide more integrity and enhance the aesthetics. Also, avoid considering mixed patterned mosque carpet for a mosque that does not get enough daylight. However, if the Mosque is spacious, you can consider bold patterns.

Round-patterned mosque carpets and Lined mosque carpets are the two well-known patterns. Lined mosque carpets help people organize neatly as they include strips on them. When everyone aligns according to the strips, the Mosque can incorporate more people.

Round-patterned mosque carpets come in a wide range of colors and patterns; each is unique. They are ideal for large-scale mosques to make them look extravagant. However, they are a little costlier than lined mosque carpets.

Carpet Prices

The pricing of every mosque carpet is different depending on the quality. And quality can be determined through several factors such as the carpet’s durability against washing, lifetime, thickness, model, and the weaving method. Solid mosque carpets, Lined mosque carpets, and round-patterned Mosques all come in different price tags because of color and pattern variation. Therefore, you should be very careful while choosing Mosque carpets!