Cycling Is A New Trending Sport In Thailand

Cycling Is A New Trending Sport In Thailand

September 26, 2022 0 By Issac Nolan

Cycling is one of the various sporting activities that have been popular these days. People keep themselves healthy and fit with the changing climatic conditions and lifestyle changes. Perhaps, cycling is a great way to maintain physical and mental fitness.

With the increase in demand for cycling, there are several cycling routes (ทาง จักรยาน, which is the term in Thai) and tracks designed and created especially for cycling enthusiasts. The engaging activity of cycling is both enjoyable and scenic together. With the increasing popularity, there is an increase in different types of cycling routes.

Various Types Of Cycling Paths In Thailand

For the cycle enthusiasts, the construction and designing of tracks in Thailand are adapted from the Ontario Canada guidelines as they provide utmost flexibility and comfort to the riders. Putting more emphasis on the environment as there are many different types of tracks and lanes created for cycling.

·       Shared Tracks

Narrow areas, which create separate lanes, often are chosen as combined lanes on the roads. The shared lanes will be a part of the existing lane and be considered independent.

There will be signs and signals to indicate that it is a shared track for cyclists. Here, the average speed of the cars will be less than 30 kilometers per hour to maintain road safety.

·       Cycle Tracks

These tracks are built on the same road surface as the main road used for cars. There is a fixation of traffic signals and color indications to follow as per the lane specifics of the cycles. Yet, no specific barriers apart from the average speed limit for cars to be 50-70 kilometers per hour to be maintained on cycle tracks.

·       Wide Curb Tracks

The wide curb tracks are shared lanes with other vehicles, including traffic rules. But the roads are created wider than usual for the cyclist. These lanes are ideal for riding a cycle, as they are spacious and with an average car speed limit of 30-50 kilometers per hour.

·       Multiple Usage Tracks

These lanes are specially designed for the cycle riding bunch with a designated path for them to ride. As it is called a multiple usage track, it can be used by pedestrians for walking, creating a barrier for anyone else to enter.


With numerous cycling routes established, it has attracted many people to cycle regularly and maintains their lifestyles. Multiple high-end cycling tracks and paths make cycling comfortable for cyclists to cycle quickly and comfortably.