Buy the best quality coffee and make delicious coffee at home with Ninja Coffee Bar CF091

Buy the best quality coffee and make delicious coffee at home with Ninja Coffee Bar CF091

February 26, 2022 0 By admin

Despite being a common drink and present in everyday life, coffee has the power to provide an incredible gastronomic experience when the bean is well chosen. Therefore, more and more fans of the drink concern with knowing how to choose special coffee to prepare at home with Ninja Coffee Bar CF091. Nevertheless, those who still do not understand the subject very well, it is worth following some tips to make good choices.

It is necessary to understand the main differences between a common coffee and one considered special. The coffees found on supermarket shelves are versions considered traditional and, not always, the producer was concerned with extracting the best from the beans in the roasting process. A special coffee is one that has the highest quality fruits found on the market. As a result, the sensorial experience of those who drink a special coffee is very different, as characteristics such as flavor, acidity and aroma are there more intensely, from the process of grinding the beans.

What makes a good quality coffee?

Robusta is a special coffee, its sugar content is lower than that of Arabica, and the strong and bitter taste is very different from the natural sweetness of the first variety. As for the crop, Arabica is a more sensitive plant, which requires more care. The Robusta coffee plant, on the other hand, is more resistant to pests and parasites and, in general, does not need as much specific care as Arabica. In other words, the differences are both in the way the plantation is done, as well as in the result that is perceived when the coffee is tasted. When tasting a specialty coffee, it is possible to analyze its main characteristics.


Yes, good coffee needs to have bitterness and you do not even have to turn your nose up for it! In specialty coffees, this characteristic is balanced, because when the bitterness is very strong, it means that the roast was not done well and the beans are of poor quality. Nevertheless, that does not mean that office strong coffee is quality just because it is bitter. Of course, his roast is darker to hide imperfections, hence the bitterness. However, when consuming a special coffee, you will realize that this important characteristic is super balanced.


Again, the roast also influences the result, as the natural acidity of the grain can be accentuated, when the roast is lighter, or it can be compromised and reduced, when the roast is darker than ideal. Remembering that a fresh and natural acidity is important, as it brings life to the coffee. Acidity, as well as bitterness, is essential for a quality specialty coffee to be well prepared.


The sweetness is the result of the maturity of the beans and the preserving of the roasting process. It is common for specialty coffees to have notes of caramel and chocolate, for example, which means they can be enjoyed without the addition of sugar.


These are the characteristics perceived by smell, which can be floral, citrus, fruity and chocolaty, for example, it all depends on the coffee variety. Special beans have a stronger aroma and are easier to perceive.


The body is that sensation that persists in the palate after drinking coffee. A coffee that feels “heavier” in the mouth is considered fuller. On the contrary, a drink that leaves a lighter feeling is considered less full-bodied.


Flavor is the concept that combines the tastes and aromas of the coffee, being very important for a complete evaluation of the bean.