Safe and Effective Ways to Clear a Garbage Disposal Clog

Safe and Effective Ways to Clear a Garbage Disposal Clog

February 15, 2022 0 By admin

The blocked garbage disposal in your kitchen might be a nuisance since you rely so much on it to get things done in a hurry. In most cases, though, a humming disposal may be fixed with quite ease even when the cause isn’t immediately apparent. To help you unclog your garbage disposal, we’ve enlisted the help of plumber service experts, who’ve put together this how-to guide.

A Clogged Garbage Disposal is the most common cause of this problem

Humming from your disposal is more likely to suggest that there is a jam somewhere inside the machine than it is to indicate that you should replace your disposal. The following are the most common causes of a blocked or buzzing garbage disposal:

If they are seeds or pits

A melon seed or pit may have wound up in your trash disposal if you recently sliced a fruit with a pit near your kitchen sink. Even if you heard a thud from a fruit pit, it may be difficult to find seeds inside of the fruit. Seeds may take root in the trash disposal’s humid environment and block the blades.

A cup of coffee’s grinds

Though it may keep you going all day, your trash disposal system is adversely affected by a cup of joe in the morning Garbage disposal blades are corroded over time by coffee grounds.


The stringy membrane, rather than the shell, is the most common cause of a blocked garbage disposal, and it might leave a lingering odor that you’ll have to deal with. As a consequence, eggshells should be thrown away rather than flushed down the toilet.


The disposal blades may have a difficult time cutting through solidified cooking oil, and this might lead to clogs that are difficult to clear. A humming disposal may indicate an oil leak, and the drain may be clogged if there is no solid object between the blades.

Unlocking The Crack

It doesn’t matter whether the garbage disposal’s power is off; you should still treat the area around its blades like a knife while slicing vegetables near to your fingers.

You may de-jam in the following ways

Follow these steps to see if you can get it to reset: Resetting your waste disposal system if there is no visible obstruction is feasible. Garbage disposals may overheat and shut off on their own in certain situations. You may reactivate the disposal underneath the sink by pressing the reset button on top of it and then turning it back on again. Depending on the cause, this might mean that the disposal has to be cleaned or replaced entirely.

Turn the power off

Leaving your disposal off for an extended period of time makes it impossible for it to start up again. To turn the power back on, you may either use a breaker switch in your kitchen or an under-the-sink switch.

Follow these instructions if you’re using tongs or a long spoon

Long instruments may be used to remove the obstruction and prevent contact with the blades. Following the actions outlined above, you may ensure that the disposal won’t switch itself back on by following the instructions. For whatever reason, if you must contact the blades with your fingers, be sure to switch off the power first.