Roof maintenance: Download the complete material on the subject now.

Roof maintenance: Download the complete material on the subject now.

March 13, 2022 0 By admin

One of the worst situations we can face when we are at home, at work or in other establishments on a rainy day is to come across leaks and infiltrations. These problems can damage furniture, façade, and the entire structure of the house, making the environment conducive to mold or mildew. Therefore, it is essential to know how to care for the roof. We always recommend to hiring the best Roofing NYC Company to do the job, as they have expertise, trained professionals, and proper safety equipments, license, and liability. 

Pay attention when climbing on the roof

The installation of antennas and water tanks is one of the main causes of roof problems. Often, those responsible for such an installation are not used to walking on tiles and are not very practical. Due to a wrong step, some tiles can dent. The idea is to verify that the professionals have experience in this type of installation before letting them up. However, many times we carry out the installations ourselves and damage the tiles. 

Check that the tiles are securely fastened

In some cases of infiltration, the tiles are not damaged, but loose. A strong wind can be enough to dislodge them, opening a breach in your roof. At the first sign of rain, an amount of water will enter the ceiling, causing problems. Checking that the tiles are properly secured and protected against this type of situation is the best way to prevent such an occurrence. So, when the professionals finish installing the roof, ask them to check all the pieces.

Watch out for cracks

Unfortunately, preventive maintenance on roofs is rare. This procedure is only carried out when an error occurs. However, it is important to make it clear that some tile models suffer the action of bad weather daily. In this way, cracks and small holes can be formed, becoming gaps for later infiltration. These problems will only be noticed in actions to preserve the structure. 

Check the roof timbers

The roof timber is nothing more than the structure that supports the tiles. It must be done as specified in the project, ensuring proper slope. We often come across leaks, but we do not think they can be caused by errors in the installation of woodwork. Therefore, it is necessary to count on qualified and experienced professionals in the construction of this structure. 

Watch out for termites

Another type of problem that can happen in the roof timber is the appearance of termites. Gradually, they will attack your structure, compromising usability and, above all, security. It is necessary to identify the type of termite that is impregnated in your roof, certifying the size of the infestation, the damage caused and the exact location of its installation. 

Ensure gutters are always clean

Keeping gutters clean is another way to take care of your roof. If the dirt accumulates, the water from the rains will not be able to follow the proposed destination. So, always remember to clean the gutters and tiles. Ideally, this procedure should occur with a certain frequency, such as every two years.