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As one of the most recognized furniture movers in Perth, we provide a comprehensive and reasonably priced furniture removals service across Perth and nationwide, ensuring that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

We do all of the hard liftings, so you can spend your final day at your previous home or business cleaning up loose ends rather than exhausting yourself by packing and moving every single item you possess.


  1. Tools, equipment, technology, and well-trained personnel-To begin, a furniture removal firm has vehicles, large and small, to transport your furniture and valuables. The good news is that you may select the size of the vehicle from a variety of packages based on your requirements. They are also well-trained and qualified to accomplish the task.

  1. AFRA Member– Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA), which means that we have satisfied the Association’s stringent standards and are governed by its Code of Conduct.

  1. Help– When you move with us, you can anticipate comprehensive pre and after-removal support.

  1. Our Fleet– We have a full fleet of high-quality vehicles. You may have noticed us! Check out our fleet here.

  1. Consultation – Because every relocation is unique, we talk with you before tailoring the move to your specific requirements.


We have a huge fleet of vehicles ranging from tiny utes to giant trucks, so no matter how many items you have to move, we can usually finish the operation in a single day.

We may arrange for many vans and staff to be sent to clients with particularly big amounts of furniture to guarantee that the move is performed as fast and effectively as possible.

If you have a tight deadline, please contact and discuss your move with us during office hours: we are always delighted to customize our services to ensure that our customers have a stress-free moving experience.


Pre-packing all of your items carefully to guarantee they arrive at your new house in the same condition they left your old one is perhaps the most challenging duty connected with moving.

When you employ the best furniture removals Perth business, however, you can leave all of that labor to the specialists. We will pack all of your goods with the same care that we would pack our own and ensure that they are loaded in such a way that they are safe and sound on the journey to your new home.


All you have to do is contact or fill out the inquiry form, and we will send you a complete proposal that meets all of your needs.

After evaluating our costs and service, you may contact us to make a formal appointment, and we will promise to come on time on the given day, ready to move your new home. We look forward to assisting you with your relocation soon.

Why Should You Hire Safe Hand Movers For Removal Services?


We recognize that every transfer is unique, and you may not always be ready to relocate to your new location right once. We provide a secure storage facility where all of your furniture and possessions may be safely stored between moves. Our extra storage services are intended to ensure that your furniture is delivered in the same condition in which it was packaged.

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