5 Reasons to Build Your Home Using Brick Masonry

5 Reasons to Build Your Home Using Brick Masonry

October 1, 2022 0 By admin

When bricks are systematically placed in mortar to create a solid structure, this is known as brick masonry, and it’s arguably the most versatile and durable method you can possibly use to build a home.

For a home designed to outlast you (and your kids!), choose brick masonry, and enjoy a range of benefits; below are just 5:

  1. Energy efficiency

With less need to rely on artificial cooling and heating methods, the thermal mass of bricks makes them an incredibly energy-efficient building material. Bricks absorb and retain heat energy from the sun before slowly releasing it, providing homes with consistent interior temperatures and acting as a natural barrier to external elements.

  1. Cost effectiveness

Thanks to the availability of sand, clay, and various other minerals that bricks are composed of, brick masonry is an affordable material to construct a home from. Not only that, but brick homes take a relatively short time to build, and the duration of construction can easily be adjusted according to site conditions and other factors.

Additionally, wall coverings are not required due to the finish, texture and color varieties of brick masonry, and its durability translates to lower maintenance costs.

  1. Durability

Extremely strong and robust, brick masonry is recognized for its strength against natural elements such as wind, snow and torrential rain, and has been used to build large structures for centuries. Reinforced masonry can even withstand mild earthquakes. Because clay bricks are fired at very high temperatures, they form a resilient bond that has long been compared with the strength of metamorphic rocks.

  1. Fire resistance

If a brick home suffers a fire, its resistant properties mean that it won’t burn in the same way that a home made from wood will, and can help keep your belongings and occupants of the home, safe from harm for far longer.

  1. Sustainability

Composed of clay and other organic materials, bricks are in ready supply, unlike timber, and don’t cause as much harm to the environment as other materials. Pair this with the long-lasting lifecycle of brick masonry, and the fact that it’s free of contaminants and can be reused multiple times, and you’ve got a highly sustainable material and method from which to construct your home with.

A home that has been professionally constructed using brick masonry, also looks great and can work wonders for its curb appeal. If you’d like to discuss the many advantages of brick masonry with a professional, and design a home that’s durable, energy efficient, affordable and looks great, reach out to a local construction company for guidance.