What is spiritual cleansing? How to perform it

What is spiritual cleansing? How to perform it

March 12, 2022 0 By admin

In the conversations of people interested in the subject, the expression we hear most is spiritual cleansing. Nevertheless, this does not mean that cleaning is restricted only to the plane of disembodied spirits. It must also be applied to the energy of living people, objects and environments.

How to do a spiritual cleansing

Energy cleansing or spiritual cleansing has a relationship and effect on the aura of these elements. The aura is an extra physical electromagnetic field usually invisible to human eyes, which is full of non-physical energies produced by the feelings and emotions of ordinary people, that is, living people. When a spiritual cleansing acts both in the energy field and in the spiritual field, we know that it fulfilled its role, and was efficient and able to make a complete sweep of the aura of the place.

Simple techniques for spiritual cleaning

The easiest way to spiritual cleansing is using Spiritual lotions. You can use it after taking a spiritual bath, or use as a daily skin moisturizer. However, the spiritual cleansing techniques that we will mention below can be used alone or in combination. Apply them as soon as possible, and you will notice differences in no time.

Use crystals throughout the house

White, pink or green quartz crystals and amethysts can be used for just about anything. Wash these crystals monthly under running water, and to energize them, leave them for just 15 minutes under the sun.

Use smokers, flavorings, polarizing sprays, herbal vaporizers, incense

Adopt a routine of applying these preparations in the environment every day, as they elevate the psyche of the place very quickly. A good indication is the use of energized sprays for cleaning and protecting both the environment and the soul. 

Create psychic protection for your home

Imagine that your home is surrounded by a pyramid of light. Colors flow as they appear in your intuition. Do this visualization along with the spiritual cleansing every day, morning and night.

Invoke the presence of Angels and Archangels

Envision that your home or environment is surrounded by divine presences. Form this image in your mind, and that will be enough to establish a great spiritual connection. Pray according to your belief, and ask for protection and peace. Above all, give your thanks.

Balance the environment with sounds and music from nature

Use an audio with the noise of water, waterfall or river. Let this music play at a pleasant volume, even when the place is empty.

Using psychic reversers for spiritual cleansing

Choose a place in your home. Place an amulet, a special picture, or a wind messenger that will be your psychic reverser. On the first day, touch the object you have chosen and say a prayer. Visualize and ask for the beings of light you trust to be present. Imagine colors, and visualize elements that you consider appropriate. 

You can imagine animals like wolves, eagles, lions, etc. Create a protected and energized environment on your mental screen. Make your home available to the spiritual plane so that beings of light can use it to help transmit healing and blessing vibrations.