April 2, 2022 0 By Toby Ankunding

We all love to accessorize our homes in a way that is functional and looks pleasing to the eye. Before you move on to a type of curtain do make sure to go through this blog to find out what you require, there are a plethora of curtain types available depending on Its header, pleats, opacity, and folds. We will discuss them all one by one to help you all.


  • Single panel: in this style, a single panel covers the whole window, the curtain can be moved to either side of the window and you can also tie it to create a modern chic look.
  • Double panel: in this style, two panels cover the window, both can be pulled in the center to cover the window and similarly tied to create symmetry
  • Valance: a decorative piece, used on tops of curtains to give an ornamental look or without curtains.
  • Treatment set: in this style, you get curtains, single or double according to your choice with valance and accessories.
  • Window tier: this style is ideal for kitchens where you need privacy as well as lightning, in this style the top is open, and the bottom is covered.
  • Scarf: this style is close relative to valance; the thin fabric is hung on the window to give a dramatic flair.
  • Liner: these are pieces of fabrics installed behind your original curtain to give a fuller look, insulation, and noise reduction.


  • Sheer: these are thin and semi-transparent more like swatches of the net they provide ample light when closed but don’t provide any privacy. You can add a liner to have some privacy.
  • Semi-opaque: these are a combination of sheer and blackout types, they provide light and maintain your privacy as well.
  • Blackout: these are made up of heavy materials, provide privacy, and can be used with other types.


  • Rod pocket: in these curtains, a pocket is made on the tip from which the rod goes through.
  • Grommet & eyelet: these types of curtains have big eyelets made on the top; these are now commonly used as they make pulling the curtains easier.
  • Tab tops: in this type of style the same fabric loops are made on top of the curtain through which the rod passes and the curtain hangs, you can add embellishments and accessories.
  • Hidden tab: these are a combination of rod pocket and tab curtains, the pockets through which the curtains are hung are hidden.


  • Sill: this type of curtains is for the windows that are open most of the time like kitchen, bathrooms.
  • Apron: these types of curtains give the illusion of bigger windows than they are. The rod is installed higher than the edge of the window and the curtain ends a few inches below the windowsill.
  • Floor-length: these types of curtains also give a false look of larger windows, ideal for doors and ceiling windows, they only end half an inch above the floor.
  • Puddle: these types of curtains create a puddle of fabric on the floor like a wedding dress, used to personate a romantic style.