Read To Know All About Commercial Roofing

Read To Know All About Commercial Roofing

January 22, 2022 0 By admin

There is basically not much difference in the functions of both commercial and residential types of roofing. However, as far as the materials needed for their installation and building them can differ. Most of the commercial roofing uses single-ply, modified bitumen, concrete, gravel and tar, and also many more.

Based on the condition of weather, most of the residential roofing may use concrete tiles or asphalt shingles.  However, in case of commercial roofing, to select the right type of contractor you must find someone who has experience in dealing with the commercial type of roofing.

Ikon Roofing is a well-experienced contractor for commercial roofing Los Angeles and has many years of experience in this field. If you hire their services then you will get a sustainable roofing system that will last longer.

The following are a few different types varieties of commercial roofing:

  • Metal roofing
  • Built-up roofing that is also called BUR membrane
  • Modified bitumen roofing
  • EPDM or thermoset roof membrane
  • PVC /thermoplastic and TPO roof membrane
  • Green roofing system

Few tips to select the right contractor

  • Ensure you are hiring a licensed contractor

Avoid hiring any contractor who has very little experience with commercial roofing rather check whether he has a valid license available with him. Having a license will ensure that the roofer is qualified and has enough experience in this field.

  • Read online reviews

You must do a little research online to know more about the various contractor lists that you have got. You may try to read their online reviews and check their BBB ratings. Avoid those contractors who have more negative ratings from multiple customers.

  • Latest technology

Roofing technology for commercial roofing has advanced a lot. Make sure that your contractor is aware of the latest technologies used on commercial roofing.

  • Prefer a local contractor

It will always be a good idea to hire a local contractor as there will be several advantages of making this decision. In case, you have decided to tie up with any national roofing company then make sure that the company has an office in your city.

The reason for selecting any local contractor is that they will be aware of the local climatic conditions. So, they can make right decision while choosing the roofing materials suitable to the environment of your area.

Also, any local contractors will be easily available to you in case of any emergencies.

  • Any financing options?

There are many roofers who offer financing options too. Therefore, if there are any roofing issues then you should not postpone them. If you do not have sufficient funds available with you then you may search for such contractor who offers a finance option.

  • Cost should not be the sole criteria

Do not select any roofer solely based on their price, but you must evaluate them by checking their credentials, experience, and reputation on the market.

  • Ask a few questions

You must also ask a few good questions to know more about your roofer. If you feel that the roofer is well experienced in his field and you are comfortable to work then go ahead.