Not-So-Tell-Tale Signs Your Landed House Badly Needs An Interior Designing

Not-So-Tell-Tale Signs Your Landed House Badly Needs An Interior Designing

June 29, 2023 0 By Toby Ankunding

In the bustling city-state of Singapore, landed properties represent a slice of luxury, offering homeowners the opportunity to create distinctive and personalised spaces. Interior design plays a pivotal role in this process, transforming these exclusive properties into homes that echo the individuality and lifestyle of their owners.

However, sometimes the need for an interior design revamp is not glaringly obvious, and certain signs can easily slip under the radar. So, how do you discern the not-so-tell-tale signs that your landed property is needing an interior designing touch?

The Invisible Cries for Change

The first subtle hint can often be found in the functionality of your space. Have you started to notice that the flow of your house doesn’t quite gel with your daily routine? Perhaps you find yourself walking unnecessary distances inside your home or you’re constantly running into furniture. It could be an indication that your landed property needs an interior design reassessment to maximise efficiency and create a more harmonious flow.

Outdated Design Styles

Another sign lies hidden in the styles of yesteryears. While some design trends can withstand the test of time, others may start to look dated and out of sync with contemporary tastes. If your house is still flaunting an 80s neon look or a 70s wood panel aesthetic, it’s likely time for a design overhaul.

The Silent Scream of Wear and Tear

The natural ageing of materials is another sign your landed house may need some interior design attention. This wear and tear can present itself in the form of faded paint, outdated or damaged fixtures, worn-out furniture, or cracked tiles. While these signs may not be glaringly evident, they subtly impact the overall aesthetic of your home, creating a sense of neglect and decay.

The Quiet Yearning for Space

A subtle yet significant sign that your landed property needs an interior design facelift is the increasing feeling of confinement. This can happen when rooms become cluttered, or when the layout doesn’t allow for adequate storage. An expertly planned redesign can ingeniously create more space, even within the existing confines of your home, by utilising modern storage solutions and adopting minimalist aesthetics.Opt for an interior design in Singapore for a landed house.

The Silent Demand for Personalisation

Over time, your personal taste, lifestyle, or family dynamics may have evolved. If your current home design no longer reflects your style or caters to your needs, it’s a clear sign you could benefit from an interior design makeover. This could involve adapting a room to serve a new purpose, such as transforming a seldom-used dining room into a home office or rethinking the overall style of your home to align with your evolved aesthetic preferences.

In Singapore, popular design styles for landed properties include Scandinavian, Minimalist, Modern, and Industrial. Scandinavian design favours white furniture and wooden finishes, allowing natural light to flood into the house. Minimalist design, on the other hand, is known for its monochromatic colour schemes, clean open spaces, and use of materials for texture and personality.

Popular Interior Design Styles in Singapore

Scandinavian, minimalist, modern, and industrial styles are among the most popular in Singapore. Each of these styles has distinctive characteristics:

The Scandinavian style emphasises white furniture, wooden finishes, and natural lighting. Examples of this style include homes that make use of mirrors to increase the amount of natural light and the consistent use of a white and wood colour scheme.

Minimalist style is characterised by monochromatic colour schemes, clean open spaces, and the use of materials for texture and personality. It involves scaling down on unnecessary furniture and fittings and may feature artistic elements

The modern design features clean lines, functional furniture, a lack of clutter, and bold accent colours. Some homes use a mix of colours and textures to make things interesting or use unique light fixtures as a centrepiece.

Industrial style takes cues from industrial spaces and incorporates elements such as exposed pipes and ducts, wood and metal surfaces, brick walls, and vintage accessories or decorations.


Spotting the signs that your landed property in Singapore needs an interior design makeover can be subtle yet significant. From outdated styles and ineffective space utilisation to the longing for personalisation, all these signs hint at the need for a transformation. Tackling these issues through a thoughtful interior design process not only revitalises your home but also enhances the overall living experience.

It’s about creating a space that truly reflects your personality, style, and the needs of your family. Remember, the journey of transforming your home can be an exciting adventure rather than a daunting task. Don’t shy away from the opportunity to breathe new life into your living space. After all, home is where the heart is, and its design should echo that sentiment.

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