How Long Does It Take to Build a Swimming Pool?

How Long Does It Take to Build a Swimming Pool?

February 1, 2023 0 By admin

This is a really important problem, since most people have a very skewed idea of how long it actually takes to get from the concept stage (where initial design and consultation take place) to the completion stage (when one may swim in their own backyard pool). Many clients put off starting their pool project for too long because they fail to evaluate the full scope of the construction process.

Our extensive experience allows us to confidently state that getting started on your pool maintenance immediately will provide the best results. When warmer weather comes this spring, every reputable and qualified pool builder will be totally booked. The likelihood of completion of your swimming pool is increasing, and it is still feasible that it will be of the same high quality as originally planned, but an exact completion date is getting harder to pin down.

Prior Consultation Before Diggers Hit the Dirt on the Pool

Most people don’t give this stage much of a second thought. When people say it takes six to eight weeks to build a pool, they are talking to the time it takes to complete the construction. It’s possible that a lot of time will pass between your first contact with a pool builder and the moment you break ground. The initial sketch, the detailed design, the material selection, and the completion of the final blueprint all take time. Choosing the pool builders temecula is most essential here.

  • At this time period, permits are also issued. The pool builder has little control over the time required to get the appropriate approvals and permits, which puts the project timeline mostly out of their hands. Sometimes you have to wait until everything is ready before you can bring in the heavy machinery and start excavating for the swimming pool.
  • After the blueprints are finished and the required permits are in hand, the excavation may begin. Time spent on this is around a week. That mud makes digging more difficult is probably not news to you. As a result, it’s important to factor in the weather.
  • Excavation is the first step in completing the pool’s steel substructure, plumbing, and electrical systems. This usually takes a few weeks, but the length of time needed is directly proportional to the complexity of the undertaking.

Gunite is put in place after the hole has been dug and the pipes and wires have been set up. It might take up to a week for the gunite to fully heal. After the substructure is complete, the decking, coping, and tiles may be installed. Plastering is the last phase. The pool’s water features and landscaping may be completed after the pool structure is complete. Naturally, this varies greatly depending on the landscaping style, the number of water features, and the complexity of those features. This process, which may take anywhere from six weeks to ten, is what most people mean when they ask how long it takes to build a pool.

Estimating How Long It Will Take to Build a Pool

However, it might take as long as 10 weeks or more from the time you first get in touch with your builder before you can actually swim in your pool. This is a realistic estimate that considers all relevant aspects, and it’s not all that long when you consider the dramatic change that will be brought about in your garden. Add to this the fact that spring is peak pool-building season, when every reliable company is already booked full. Since this is the case, you need to begin going right immediately.